Bizzy Beez Physical Development

At Bizzy Bees we have invested a substantial amount into purchasing the best equipment to facilitate our learning synergy and our physical activities. Physical activity is important in maintaining a healthy mental, physical and emotional balance. 

When it comes to children and babies, physical activity is important as it promotes motor and sensory development; it strengthens bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons as children grow; and it promotes good posture and balance. Physical activity also stimulates mental development; it helps to build self-esteem and it gives young children room to socialize.

Kinder Kinetics

Our Kinder Kinetics program is run by Marinell Prinsloo, a qualified kinderkineticist. The program is scientifically based and aims to optimize the development of your child as a whole. The program differs according to the age and skills of the learner. It includes baby massage and stimulation (0 – 24 months), perceptual motor development (2 – 7 years), Remedial program,
 and Evaluations.


Playball is a multi-skill program that engages little children with fun, age-appropriate, high quality games and activities. This ensures that they always have a positive experience and that they learn to love being physically active.


The Monkeynastix course offers three separate curriculum for children aged 1 - 2, 3 - 6, and 7 - 8. Each session is 30 minutes long and led by a qualified instructor. The sessions encourage young children to discover the world through their senses and their body. 

Not only does Monkeynastix shape the body, but it also wires the mind for social and academic success. Additionally, it aims to develop healthy living, emotional intelligence, emotional awareness, healthy habits, social skills and good manners.


Physiotherapy aims to restore movement and normal body function. Physiotherapists use therapeutic exercises designed to improve mobility and strengthen specific areas of the body. This is beneficial for younger children and babies, especially when their bodies are growing at such an extensive rate.

Bizzy Beez offers a physiotherapy service if and when required by a parent. This service is delivered by our preferred therapist, Brenda Human and Van der Westhuizen Inc. Parents are more than welcome to appoint and send their own therapist directly to our premises.

Bizzy Beez Kinetic Zone

Bizzy Beez has an in-house kinetic zone which is of a world class standard. The kinetic zone assists in strengthening balance and coordination and it is stocked exclusively from Weplay. You can rest assured that the kinetic zone will be monitored and facilitated at all times by passionate staff members.