Bizzy Beez Learning Synergy



At Bizzy Beez we realize that it is pertinent that children are given the opportunity to learn and grow when they are young, which will enable them to reach their full potential. In order to achieve this, daily interaction is of the utmost importance. It is also vital to promote cognitive, creative, physical and communicative development.  Additionally, it is important that each child is recognized, nurtured, cared for, and developed emotionally and socially.

Our learning approach centers on the child in order to ensure that they receive quality learning experiences and early childhood care. Our curriculum is balanced, well researched and it meets the standards of the best principles and practices. Here at Bizzy Beez we aim to promote the intellectual development of every learner by stimulating the developmental domains. 

Our core developmental domains include:

  • Physical development, 
  • Cognitive development, 
  • Communicative development (including speech, reading and writing skills), 
  • Creativity development, 
  • Social development, 
  • Emotional development, and 
  • Adaptive development.


The Bizzy Beez Learning Synergy stimulates the seven senses and develops skills that are able to facilitate the core developmental domains of children. Simultaneously, we address the Early Learning and Development Areas that are outlined within the National Curriculum Framework as set out by the National Curriculum Statement. In short, by complying with this framework we aim to achieve the desired results, according to a national standard, within childcare and early educational development.

Our synergy integrates thematic teaching with experimental learning, ensuring that each and every learner will reach his or her full potential and maximise their development. Our thematic teaching integrates principles such as Numeracy, Life Skills, Literacy and Emotional and Social Development. 

Additionally, the Bizzy Beez learning synergy takes into account the fact that every individual is different. Each learner will have different strengths, they will learn things differently, and they will make sense of things in different ways. Through experimentation we will illustrate which method of learning is best suited for your child, whether it is visual, auditory, reading-writing, or kinaesthetic. 
In understanding every child as an individual with unique needs, we will be able to ensure that they reach their maximum potential.