The Birth of Bizzy Beez Group


Bizzy Beez was brought to life through the combination of a kind heart, a magical dream, and a desire for a fresh and innovative approach towards childcare and learning. Anna-Marie, one of the co-founders of Bizzy Beez, has 3 years of experience working at playschools. Over the years she had numerous ideas that she felt would be beneficial to the learning and growth of the children. Her ideas were original, fresh, fun and friendly and they provided everything that a parent would dream of wanting for their child’s development.

Following Anna-Marie’s dream, Bizzy Beez opened in July 2013. The school is made up of passionate individuals who believe that they can make a positive difference in the lives of the children that they work with. They aim to provide fun and solid educational experiences that prepare young individuals for future learning, whilst ensuring that health, safety and development is maintained.

The Bizzy Beez Philosophy

Here at Bizzy Beez we aren't all about learning, we are also about making memories, building character, and cherishing, caring for and loving each child as an individual whose needs and abilities are recognised and developed. In doing so, this helps young children to reach their full potential, ensuring that they are moulded into bold, brilliant and busy individuals. 


Our staff members regularly attend thorough training sessions in order to ensure that we are able to deliver the best care to our learners. In addition to this, our staff and environment complies with strict safety regulations, including fire-fighting and first aid. Here at Bizzy Beez we like to continuously update our practice and principles in order to guarantee that we are able to enrich the life of every child who comes under our wing. Both our children and our staff undergo continuous assessments in an effort to monitor development, progress, and growth.

In short, we are a caring group of individuals who are passionate about the future of our children. We realise that each and every individual receives only one chance in life - here at Bizzy Beez, we feel as if we would like to help them to embrace that opportunity and make the most of it. We don’t see ourselves as mere teachers, we see ourselves as loving substitute parents.