The world has evolved and become fast paced, making quality education and development fundamental. In order to ensure that your child has a stable and prosperous future you need to make sure that they receive the correct care 
and nurturing when they are young.

Bizzy Beez – developing and nurturing your children

All parents want the best for their children. We know that they require mental, physical, and emotional development, but as parents we are not always equipped to give them everything that they need. At Bizzy Beez we realise that choosing the right day care and learning institution for your child can be a difficult decision. With so many places to choose from it can be exhausting trying to select a place that will be suited to your child’s every need, but you can rest assured knowing that Bizzy Beez will provide everything that is needed for your child’s development and nurturing. 

Bizzy Beez provides a healthy, safe, and dynamic environment that allows for each child to learn, grow and reach his or her full potential. We aim to mould our young learners into busy, bold, and brilliant individuals and we aim to encourage our learners to enjoy each and every thing that life throws their way.

What Bizzy Beez offers

We offer physical, cognitive, communicative and creative development. In addition to this we make sure that each and every child is nurtured and able to develop both emotionally and socially. 
We offer an academic program; a physical program that includes physiotherapy; extracurricular classes which include Monkeynastix, modelling classes and clamber club; and an in-house kinetic zone that assists with balance and coordination.


Come and see us!

We have invested a large sum of money into ensuring that we have only the best equipment available to facilitate our learning synergy and physical activities. We can guarantee and Bizzy Beez will provide, only top-quality experiences that will lay the foundation for future development and learning. If you are a parent who has your child’s best interests at heart and if you want only the best for their development, then come and see us, to witness the magic for yourself!